Bathroom Sink installation Vancouver BC

Bathroom Sink installation:

Installing a sink in the bathroom requires a truly professional approach. It's not just that the work itself should be done as high as possible to prevent leaks. The problem is that it is often necessary to fit into the premises rather modest in area.

Very often our clients require from the invited masters in addition to technical experience also creativity. For example, many need not just the installation of a conventional "tulip", but it requires the installation of a sink over a washing machine or the installation of a sink with a curbstone. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the type of shell, the location of communications and many other nuances.

Stages of installation of the sink

  1. Consultation with the customer on the selection of the sink (dimensions and design), depending on the results of the measurements;
  2. Verification of the supply of communications or their supply;
  3. Installation of the fitting and installation of cranes;
  4. Actual installation of the sink;
  5. Installation of a faucet, installation for a siphon sink and connection of all necessary communications.