Faucet Installation

Faucet Installation:

The device installed under the kitchen sink and connected to the sewerage system is a household waste shredder (disposer). The control of the device can be pneumatic and electric. The dispenser is a garbage can with a motor, thanks to which there is a grinding of household garbage. Household waste from the shredder straight to the sewer. Thanks to its installation, you solve several problems at once: the kitchen sink will not be clogged, you will not need to remove the remains of products from the sink, there will not be an unpleasant smell from the bucket and sewerage.

The electrical wires of the required section are drawn and a socket with grounding is installed.

The device is fixed to the base of the sink.

The on / off button on the sink is installed and connected to the appliance.

The device is connected to the electrical network and the sewage system.

A test run of the device was made and a consultation was conducted on its operation.