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Repair Toilet installation Vancouver BC

Installation of such important sanitary equipment as a toilet bowl is a service that requires a high level of preparation and professionalism of the master. The installation of the toilet is associated with sewerage, which is why it should be done carefully and professionally.

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Our masters will install the toilet bowls in Canada and the Canada region in the shortest time, with quality and with the provision of a guarantee.

We will ensure the reliability and durability of your sanitary equipment - the new equipment will please you for many years.

Stages of installation of a toilet bowl

The installation of a new toilet bowl includes:

Fastening of a new floor toilet bowl, which is usually made either on a tile or on a cemented base. Fastening is carried out by means of bolts or on a special hermetic. Connection of the toilet outlet with sewage. This is done with the help of corrugation. One end of the corrugation is greased with sealant and inserted into the drain hole. The socket of the toilet bowl is also lubricated with a sealant and the other end of the corrugation is inserted into it. Usually the installation of the corrugated toilet bowl does not take much time. This device protects against blockages and the spread of unpleasant odors in the room.

Connection of cold water to the toilet bowl with flexible liner;

Checking the operation of the toilet.

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