PLUMBING Faucet install

Installing the faucet in the bathroom:

The reasons for installing a new mixer in the bathroom can be very different - repair, breakage of an old mixer or simply update the design in the bathroom. In any case, for high-quality work, the installation of the faucet in the bathroom must be carried out by specialists who can not only properly mount the faucet, but also correctly connect plums, hoses and other elements, preventing the appearance of leaks.

Our company offers such services as installation of a mixer on a sink, a bath, in a bidet or a shower stall. We are ready to install a mixer of any type at any stage of the repair work in your bathroom

Installing the faucet in the kitchen

Washing in the kitchen is an important enough and even necessary element, as the cooking process necessarily requires the presence of a water source in the immediate vicinity of the work table. In view of this, it is very important that the faucet in the kitchen functions properly, without creating inconvenience.

It is worth noting that the installation of a kitchen faucet depends largely on the type of sink and mixer chosen. It is especially difficult to perform the hidden installation independently, as it requires professional skills and special tools. Therefore, regardless of whether the installation of the mixer on the sink or it is mounted on the wall, it is better that the process performed by professionals with knowledge of the nuances of installing sanitary ware. This service is ready to be provided by our company.