Installing a Kitchen Sink in Canada Vancouver BC

Installing a Kitchen Sink:

The most common sinks are mortise. Very convenient and beautiful, when the whole kitchen ensemble is united by a common table top. If the installation of the mortise was done, the main scope of work is as follows:

The cutout of the opening in the table top is made according to the template. The cardboard packaging in which your sink came comes with a ready-made template that needs only to be cut.

The template is installed in the place where your sink will be located and surrounded with a pencil.

The opening under the sink is usually sawed with a jigsaw, but the initial hole is made with a drill so that you can further work with a jig saw.

The finished cut off the opening is treated with silicone to protect the countertop against moisture and gives time for drying.

Next is the assembly of the siphon sink.

If the kitchen is new, you will have to cut out also the holes for the drainage water, as well as the holes for the hot and cold water supply hoses.

Installation of the mixer on a sink, connection with hoses of giving hot and cold water.

With the help of various gaskets, maximum sealing is achieved so that there is no water leakage.

Before the final fixing of the sink, a special self-adhesive sealant is laid between the countertop and the sink.

Accurate installation of a sink in the countertop and its reliable fixation completes this rather complicated professional marathon.