Plywood subfloor

Plywood subfloor:

Leveling of the surface on which the floor will be installed - no matter what the(vinyl, concrete, old wooden flooring, laminate) will lie on, the surface of the base should be fairly even. Floors in our apartments, especially old buildings, do not meet these requirements. Therefore, most likely they will need to be leveled. Do a screed if the floor is concrete or, with the help of a special machine, to align the old wooden floor, it still may have to replace the rotten boards.

Preparing for Plywood Flooring Plywood Floor Layout Canada, installation Hardwood Flooring Vancouver BC Canada, Our guide on how to lay hardwood flooring like a professional. Our Handy guide will give you advice on how to install you new laminate in no time.

Our company VanProRen, which provides a complex of services for the repair and decoration of residential and office space, for many years of work, has accumulated sufficient practical experience in carrying out works with a plywood subfloor. The specialists of the company will take care of all the problems associated with the preparation and execution of works.

The list of services that the company is ready to provide to the customer:

  1. Consultation of a specialist by phone or onsite with the customer;
  2. Production of all necessary measurements;
  3. Advising and assisting in the selection of necessary materials;
  4. Consultation of the designer;
  5. Preliminary costing of works and materials. Drawing up an estimate.
  6. Delivery of necessary materials to the customer;
  7. Cleaning and removal of construction debris;

The company VanProRen has the opportunity to purchase materials more profitable than private individuals who purchase the right coverage at retail.

To order service it is only necessary to call our company or place an order on the site. And with the preliminary cost of such a service, you can get acquainted with the help of the price list.