Kit, Bath, Grout, Membrane:

Our masters strictly adhere to the rules and technology of laying tiles, in order to make the result more attractive, functional and durable. The main stages of the technological process are:

  • Surface preparation (screed formation, plastering of walls);
  • Marking the location of the first row and installing support stops;
  • Laying the first row or several differently directed rows in the layout;
  • Filling the entire area with solid tiles;
  • Cutting and tiling to fill the remaining areas;
  • Grouting of joints.
  • VanProRen provides a full range of services:
    1. Help in choosing the design;
    2. Preparatory and dismantling works;
    3. Selection and delivery of materials;
    4. Laying of tile;
    5. Laying mosaic, decoration of tile panels;
    6. Grout, all related work.